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Creating discipleship solutions with today’s technology

Bridging the gap.

Our evangelism reach must match our ability to follow up with those seeking the truth of the Gospel.  Every day we're reaching tens of thousands all around the world with the message of the Gospel, and many are responding but few take the step into discipleship and spiritual growth.  Ministries are backlogged and unable to properly follow up with these new seekers.  We need a follow up solution that can match our outreach with Media and web technology.


Our Vision

Our Goal is to create compelling dynamic campaigns that utilize top media marketing and management

tools to reach the lost and make disciples in Israel and in the Middle East region. Our goal is to work

with key ministry partners in a open source model, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of the local

ministries and churches with outreach and discipleship.

Key Partners

We are partnered with One For Israel and Chosen People Ministries to create the Follow Messiah online course for new Jewish believers.  Our approach is to create Kingdom minded resources that are free to use, and partner with key groups that can maximize the reach of our content.   


Digital Harvest operates under the accountability of King of Kings Ministries Inc. and is financially supported via donors through the 501c3 non-profit status of King of Kings Ministries.. Digital Harvest is based in Jerusalem, Israel, and overseen by the leadership of King of Kings with ministry council, accountability, and prayer support in their “Family of Ministries”.

Discipleship series: Follow Messiah

Follow Messiah is a 16 episode online foundations course for new seekers and believers in Hebrew and English.  We created this series to communicate the teachings of Yeshua in a relevant and practical way from a Jewish background.  The course takes you through some foundational teachings on what it means to be a follower of Messiah and the sermon on the Mount.  The interactive website will help ministries and congregations in Israel follow up with new seekers and encourage other believers to take up the role of making disciples.   Each episode has engaging "Visual Parable" short films that bring the message home.  The program is free to use and open source.   

In the future we're hoping to create a similar series in Arabic that will take the same approach of speaking to the culture and context of the viewers we're discipling.

Follow Messiah Lessons

Follow Messiah Lessons

Unit 01 Perspective

Yod Yeshua - Unit 02 - Communicating with God

Yod Yeshua - Unit 04 - The person and work of the Holy Spirit

Yod Yeshua - Unit 03 - The person and work of Yeshua


Follow Messiah - Visual Parables